Sawadee (Utah) Thai Restaurant

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Family Owned & Operated

Dine In - Take Out - Banquets

Call: 801-EAT-THAI (801-328-8424)

Restaurant Location:
754 East South Temple Street
Salt Lake City, UTAH 84102


Sawadee invites you to her beautiful, new restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City for authentic Thai cuisine.

     As a gourmet chef, Sawadee will treat your taste buds to the finest in Thai cooking. Of her cooking,   City Weekly Magazine praised Sawadee's cooking as, "The most authentic Thai eating experience in Utah."   The Deseret News said of Sawadee's cooking, "I suggest it heartily for seasoned Thai lovers and newbies alike."   Writer Joan Oviatt has declared, "Sawadee is by far my favorite Thai chef. Her dishes delight the palate."

     Indulge yourself in the classic cuisine Sawadee offers.  Many people think of Thai food as spicy.  In truth dishes run the gamut from pleasantly mild to piquantly spicy.  At Sawadee Thai Restaurant individual dishes are adjusted to taste with our superb sauces and dips.  Sawadee has over 50 dishes on her menu including classic Pad Thai with shrimp and crisp vegetables, seafood with zesty Nam Phrik chili sauce, Barbecued chicken or Skewered pork with sweet Nam Jim Kai sauce.  For the curry lover, Sawadee prepares red, yellow and green curry dishes, each with their subtle differences.  Sawadee Thai Restaurant is truly an adventure.

Best Of Utah 2007 by Salt Lake City Weekly (April 5th 2007)

Whether you’re a curry girl or a Pad Thai kind of guy, the Thai explosion has been one of Salt Lake City’s best dining developments in recent years. Sawadee may be the new kid on the block, but we’re glad it moved in—and so close to the Avenues. Adventurous diners will appreciate authentic Thai seafood dishes the likes of which have not often been seen in these parts and, for those who already know what they want—curries, natch—Sawadee offers a rainbow of them.

Best Of Utah 2008 by Salt Lake City Weekly (April 3rd 2008)


Named for its chef and owner, this friendly spot is especially busy at lunch, with efficient service and a reasonably priced, wide-ranging menu. Appetizers are a must—try the Thai dumplings, rice-flour packets stuffed with minced shrimp and bamboo shoots just waiting to be dipped into a blazing hot sesame-oil chili sauce. All the curries are there, and tasty, too. Sawadee offers a nice and varied vegetarian menu, including a delicious entrée that is tough to pronounce, but easy to eat: Guay teaw pad kee mao tofu. It combines thick rice noodles with stir-fried tofu, Thai chili, Thai basil, tomato and mushrooms. Save room for mangoes and sticky rice for dessert.

Best Of Utah 2009 by Salt Lake City Weekly (April 1st 2009)


Just down from the Avenues, Sawadee is a genteel paradise for the lunch crowd, a cool Thai oasis that offers excellent, reasonably priced food in a peaceful, elegant environment. Its $7.45 lunch special is one of the best deals in town. Salad with a drizzle of peanut sauce; light, fluffy jasmine rice; a deep fried spring roll; and two choices from a 20-odd item list of curries, coconut and chicken soupseven some barbeque dishes. With delicate desserts including fresh mangoes with Thai sweety sticky rice not included, they are still a sore temptation to round up the perfect meal.

Sawadee Thai Restaurant

754 East South Temple Street

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

Phone: 801-EAT-THAI (801-328-8424)

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LUNCH:  Monday – Saturday    :  11:00 A.M. – 03:00 P.M.

DINNER: Monday – Thursday   :   5:00 P.M. – 09:30 P.M.

                  Friday - Saturday   :   5:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.
                                   Sunday   : CLOSED